033: Bob Mackey vs. Colin Moriarty – Revelations



Chris has been itching to get this off his chest; so much that we had to put aside what we had going on and make this recording happen.  Listen to us break down the Bob Mackey vs. Colin Moriarty feud, right here on The CNJ GameCast.


Music found on episode 33:

Sion II: The First Attack
Sharp X68000
Zenji Nishikawa, Noriyuki Shindou, Tetushi Takahashi

Lionel Gaget


032: CES 2018 – Featuring Space Ace Chase

Long-time fan and CNJ voicemail caller, Chase from Parkland, is a special guest on this week’s show.  We brush up on video game related showings at CES, comment on Quantic Dream’s new sexual misconduct claims, and talk about what was not so great about Sega’s Dreamcast.  It’s episode 32 on The CNJ GameCast.


Music found on Episode 32:

Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade Original Sound Track
Arcade, Sega Mega Drive
1987, 1990
Koichi Namiki & Tohru Nakabayashi


031: The 2017 Wrap-up Episode, with Pauly Sarantino

It’s a new year and the gang is ready.  We recap with some of our favorite 2017 moments in gaming.  Pauly Sarantino swings by to tell us what’s in store for Toy Vault in 2018.  And Nick declares a podcast bare-knuckle brawl, challenging any other video game podcast out there in podcast land.  It’s episode 31 on The CNJ GameCast.


Music featured in Episode 31 comes from:

Superbeat: Xonic
PS Vita, PS4, XB1, Switch


030: The Upset of 2017: Ataribox Preorders Delayed

With the Ataribox getting delayed, the gang had to cancel all plans for episodes 30, 31, and 32 since the focus was primarily on this future retro masterpiece.  With no time for preparation, we dabble in some discussion about Mega Man 11, Death Stranding, and the new Star Wars.

Music for episode 30:

Super Nintendo
Masanao Akahori


029: Chris can Beat-Box while Nick speaks about Net Neutrality

And it doesn’t end there:  Destiny fans are sad again,  EA tries to make things better with Battlefront 2 by not really making anything better at all, GameStop’s Power Pass rental service was so promising that they decided to can the whole thing, and Jamie bought his first AAA PC game in a decade.  It’s episode 29 on the CNJ GameCast.

Music in Episode 29:

Jewel Master
Mega Drive / Genesis
Motoaki Takenouchi

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (Vampire Killer)
XBOX 360 / Playstation 3
Kinuyo Yamashita (original)


027: GameStop’s $60 Mega Cumsies Rental Service – Super Mario Odyssey sold Jamie a Switch – Chris had no power for 5 days

Jamie gets 1000/1000 Gamerscore on Cuphead.  Game journalists lose any credibility they had left with Last of Us 2’s new trailer uproar.  And a bunch more…  It’s topic-city this week on The CMJ GameCast – “And we got Marty here, replacing Nick!”

Music in Episode 27:

Shoot ’em Up
Jee Kree

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
Sega Genesis




026: C&J’s “grumpy old video game men syndrome”

Nick’s got a bad case of the sicky ickies, so Chris and Jamie keep the show alive and on fire.  So much, that this week’s show carried itself right in from episode 25.  Listen to C&J quickly catch up with their personal lives and then get angry about all the things being said today about video game history.

Music from episode 26:

Bucky O’Hare – “Green Planet”
Nintendo Entertainment System

Ninja Gaiden Shadow – “Staff Roll”
Game Boy

Cuphead – “Introduction”
XBOX ONE / Windows


024: And Now a Word from Our Sponsor


It can’t always be peaches and cream here at The CNJ GameCast.  On today’s episode, CNJ gets an earful from our only sponsor, Toy Vault.  Mr. Sarantino gives Jamie some questionable ads for his store.  Nick and Chris play Cuphead.  Voicemails and Redbull…  Interesting show this week.  It’s episode 24 on The CNJ GameCast.

Music from episode 24:

Devil’s Crush

Kid Dracula
Game Boy


023: Let Chris Speak – Ways to not run your independent video game store.

We took a week off, but The CNJ GameCast is back to deliver the goods.  On this episode we give Nick Noo his birthday wishes.  Chris has a mini freak-out at a local game shop.  And CNJ dabbles with film discussion.  Check it out on episode 23.


Music in episode 23:

Hot Dog Storm

Urban Strike
Genesis/Mega Drive


022: Pauly Sarantino earns back his game cred’.

Pauly Sarantino, owner and founder of Toy Vault, is back on The CNJ GameCast; but this time the gang is a bit skeptical with what he has to say.  Is Pauly a true video game enthusiast?  Or just an attention seeker looking to cash-in by flooding The CNJ GameCast’s podcast, website, and YouTube channel with Toy Vault ads?  We find out on episode 22 of The CNJ GameCast.

Music featured in episode 22:

Famicom Disk System
October 21, 1987

Rockman & Forte
Super Famicom
April 24, 1998

Kirby’s Dreamland 2
Game Boy
March 21, 1995




021: The strange and suspicious Paprium delay. Master Gamer, Dean Takahashi and Cuphead.



This week The CNJ GameCast breaks down Magical Game Factory’s last minute delay of Paprium.  Dean Takahashi (video game journalist of 18 years) upsets the game community with a video of him playing the anticipated XBOX One exclusive, Cuphead; the CNJ gang gives their take.  It’s episode 21 on The CNJ GameCast.

Music in episode 21:


Rise of the Triad
“Goin’ down the Fast way”
MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, iOS


020: Sega Mania

It’s the GameCast’s 20th episode!  This week the gang dives deeper with Sonic Mania but more importantly, Sega.  Is this Sega’s opening to make their name matter again?  Or is Sonic Mania simply a one-trick-pony?  Sega tunes, Sega guests, and Michael Jackson.  Listen now on The CNJ GameCast.

Music from this week’s episode:

Laia Dome
Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
Genesis / Mega Drive

Flying Battery Zone
Sonic & Knuckles
Genesis / Mega Drive

Ravaged Village
Golden Axe II
Genesis / Mega Drive

Shinobi III
Genesis / Mega Drive





019: SNES Classic pre-orders, Sonic Mania, Shenmue 3, and Sega Bass Fishing – Oh My!




SNES pre-orders were a mess, Shenmue 3 is looking even more boring than we thought, Sonic Mania is fun as hell, and Sega Bass Fishing’s voice acting never gets old.  This is Episode 19 on The CNJ GameCast.

Sonic Mania
PC, PS4, Switch, XB1
Hyper Potions

Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs
Game Boy
Alberto José González

Last Armageddon
PC Engine
Hiroharu Hayama


018: The Revenge of Sega Phan Fran (and some internet fanboy read-alongs)

After 14 weeks of emails and phone calls, Sega Phan Francis returns to tell the gang how Sega is back to being #1 in the console wars.  The CNJ GameCast finds valuable internet opinions from the gamers of 2017.  This is episode 18 on The CNJ GameCast.

And go ahead and refresh your mind of all things Sega with Sega Phan Francis’ debut on episode 4.


017: Pauly Sarantino talks video game music – part 3

In an effort to help support independent video game retailers, The CNJ GameCast recently had Pauly Sarantino (owner of Toy Vault) on the show as a guest host. Pauly asked the gang to post various clips of him talking about music in various video games. This is Part 3 from cnjgamecast.com and the CNJ GameCast podcast.


015: Pauly Sarantino talks video game music – part 2

In an effort to help support independent video game retailers, The CNJ GameCast recently had Pauly Sarantino (owner of Toy Vault) on the show as a guest host. Pauly asked the gang to post various clips of him talking about music in various video games. This is Part 2 from cnjgamecast.com and the CNJ GameCast podcast.




014: The Coleco Chameleon fiasco that inspired Jamie to purchase a 3DO

Episode 14 is here.  The recording took place just before E3 2017 (get ready for some sweet Scorpio talk) but there is enough meat in this one to keep you all satisfied.  We talk about Coleco, the new Friday The 13th game, and mega hits from 1993 to play on the 3DO.  All right here, on The CNJ GameCast.


009: Some Time Off: Part 2

Episode 9, Part2:  CNJ continue the show talking about some of their favorite East Coast foods, eBay price soaring, and opinions from the legendary composer Glenn Chezzer.

Game Hunt

by Glenn Chezzer
I’m going on a hunt
So that I find some retro games
There are treasures that’ll be found
So I stay off eBay

Let me take a peek
Can I take a look in your garage?
Cause I think I see a 32x in it’s box!

Everywhere that I search
A retro game I will find

Flea markets and garage sales
That 3DO game is mine

Searchin along the way
It’s a Famicom I see
I dig around for Earthbound
And take it home with me

Searchin’ for retro games
It’s a retro life for me
Old games are the best games
Since they go for money

Trouble paying rent
And my electric just got turned off
But I’ll take care of that
When I find Snatcher in it’s box

I’m all out of funds
Look at my car, they took it away
But I’d rather have a shitty life to still play my games

46, still no sex, but I am feelin alright
BUY IT NOW, got PayPal, my tax return’s going bye

Searchin along the way
They say I spend too much money
Nothing to really show for besides my Sega CD

Searchin’ for retro games
It’s a retro life for me
Old games are the best games
But now I’m out of money


008: The “C & J” GameCast

Chris and Jamie jump on a quick call that turns itself into an entire episode.  Today we talk about Jamie’s love for Nioh, Chris’s strange Craigslist encounters, and The Easter Bunny.  This is Episode 8 and you’re listening to The CNJ GameCast.

Featured Music in Today’s Episode:

Warsong, 1991 Sega Genesis
Composer: Noriyuki Iwadare


007: XBOX Project Scorpio

On this week’s episode Chris, Nick, and Jamie dive into Microsoft’s more detailed announcement of Project Scorpio.  Is Microsoft able to pull ahead after all of the missteps of the XBOX One’s reveal and launch?  And do console buyers care as much system specs this time around; especially with the affordability of a gaming-equipped PC?  We tell the funnies while breaking it down on this week’s CNJ GameCast.

P.S.  Late in the show we talk Nintendo conspiracies and predict the fate of Nintendo’s NES Classic 5 days before announcing it was discontinued.  Is this a case of some sharp industry minds?  Or just three old dudes who have been around Nintendo for too long?  Enjoy.

Music Featured on today’s Episode:

Hotline Miami 2
OSX/Win/Linux/PS3/PS4/PSvita/Android, 2015


Games we buy and never play: Hotline Miami 2, Wrong Number


As a married father-of-two, I’ve developed a problem over the years.  I have much more time to catch up with information about video games than actually sitting down and playing them.  Catching up on news, events, and reviews is no problem; having the time to plop down and actually play shit?  Yeah, that’s the issue.


Here’s how it goes down:

  • I use the Feedly app and browse game feeds
  • Browse slickdeals.net daily
  • Purchase anything good that pops up for $15 or less


Honestly, that sums things up.  I still buy stuff, and by doing so I create an even more unrealistic backlog of titles to play.  PSN is what really kills me.  Their flash sales are Steam-price aggressive, and there’s usually a really good one that pops up 1-2 times a month.  PS4 titles get forgotten in the interface’s Library tab, and downloading multiple titles on a PS3 is a miserable experience.  *Preparing to download in the background – 87 seconds remaining*  At least a physical copy looks nice on a shelf.  I can also see the game as a reminder that I am failing myself for not playing it.

So I decided to begin my recovery.  For as long as I can remember, starting a video game for the first time meant that I was dedicated to finishing it; unless it ended up being dog shit.  No more.  If I only get an hour or two into something, well then oh well.  At least I played some of it.


I made this decision last night and Hotline Miami 2 was the title I booted up.

With Hotline 2, I had a pretty good idea with what I was getting into.  I was a big fan of the first game.  As far as changes or improvements go…  eh, not too much.  It feels a little bit easier this time around, and figuring out the best ways to clear a floor seems more enjoyable and less trial/error driven (even though it can still be very trial and error at times).  If reviewing this and playing it side-by-side with the original game though, I’m sure I’d notice more.  But it’s been like 3 years since I played Hotline Miami so honestly, part 2 doesn’t feel too different.  Keeping things the same is fine for me though.  There’s really nothing else out there like Hotline Miami.


Presentation, art style, music, gameplay.  Probably four of the most important things that will keep me hooked on a game these days.  The style, and arcade focused gameplay is what got me recommending the original game.  Hotline Miami 2 delivers the same experience.


Enemy kills are fast and rewarding.  Cheap deaths happen quite a bit, but the game’s checkpoint system is good and levels move fast.  Any critical review seems to harp on this.  To me though, that’s just part of how Hotline Miami plays.  Fast, speed-run driven gameplay, where 10-15 deaths on a floor is just something that happens at times.  Multiple deaths are there for learning the best way to kill all baddies.


And yes, the game is graphic.  And violent.  Is it over the top?  I think so, but it’s supposed to be.  There’s a sexual assault scene in the beginning of the game.  It’s brief and fades to black.  Truthfully, it didn’t surprise me based on the original game’s content.  But of course video game journalists had to speak out against this.  Video game websites and magazines will write over and over how games are an art form, and how they should be appreciated in a way such as film.  But they want to speak out how content like this is unacceptable for a game.  Like come on, stay consistent.  There’s plenty of movies that cover all the explicit content you’ll find in Hotline Miami 2.  A Clockwork Orange has a handful of scenes displaying sexual assault.  I’d be willing to bet at least one of those outraged journalists owns A Clockwork Orange t-shirt because, you know, they want to let people know they are film buffs.


I’m sorry.  I just read about that so I had to bitch a little.  So the final verdict?  Hotline Miami 2 is rad as fuck.  You can tell a lot of heart was put into this game from the moment you fire it up.  It’s mind boggling that only two people made this game.  If you’re like any one of us and own it but never played it, I recommend giving it a run sooner than later.


– Jamie


And if you are still undecided just watch this gameplay clip.  Two minutes of gameplay is all you really need to understand the gist of this game.







004: Sega Phan Fran


This week we welcome “Sega ‘Phan’ Francis” to guest host The CNJ GameCast.  Words cannot describe this episode, so have a listen and make sure you dig out any old Beanie Babies that may be stashed in the attic.

Music featured in today’s Episode:

Sonic Adventure 2
Dreamcast, 2001
Composer: Jun Senoue

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Genesis/Mega Drive, 1994
Composer: a whole fuckin’ lot.  Even Michael Jackson is credited.



Sonic the Hedgehog 4
Multi-platform, 2010
Composer: Jun Senoue



003: Keepin’ it classy

On today’s show we are loosening up a bit.  Chris tells us his impressions after playing the Switch.  Nick’s crotchety next-gen hatin’ ass actually steps away from the PC and picks up a console.  And Jamie steps aside from Final Fantasy XV before his family walks out on him.



Music featured in today’s episode:


Donkey Kong Land 2
Game Boy, 1996
Composer: Grant Kirkhope / David Wise



002: Keepin’ it pessimistic with the Nintendo Switch

With less than a week before Nintendo’s new console drops, CNJ comments on what they see coming from the company’s new system.  We probably make more jabs than we wanted to, but hey, we have our reasonings.  We are cautiously rootin’ for you Nintendo!




Music featured in today’s episode:


Commodore 64, 1988
Composer: Chris Hülsbeck / Ramiro Vaca


001: The next step to a long distance e-relationship

In CNJ’s first podcast, we figure out how to use Skype, discuss our favorite and least favorite things about gaming culture, and realize that we are turning into grumpy old videogame men.

This is our first recording with all three of us together, so please forgive some of the rough areas.  Rhode Island Chris has been intertwined in our lives through the World Wide Web for over a decade now, but this is the first time we actually had an IRL discussion.

This episode was never intended to be published, but there were enough “funny bones” and “lots-a-laughs” to make us ultimately decide to put it up.  Enjoy!



Music featured in today’s episode:

Mega Turrican (Turrican 3)
Mega Drive / Genesis, 1994
Composer: Chris Hülsbeck