007: XBOX Project Scorpio

On this week’s episode Chris, Nick, and Jamie dive into Microsoft’s more detailed announcement of Project Scorpio.  Is Microsoft able to pull ahead after all of the missteps of the XBOX One’s reveal and launch?  And do console buyers care as much system specs this time around; especially with the affordability of a gaming-equipped PC?  We tell the funnies while breaking it down on this week’s CNJ GameCast.

P.S.  Late in the show we talk Nintendo conspiracies and predict the fate of Nintendo’s NES Classic 5 days before announcing it was discontinued.  Is this a case of some sharp industry minds?  Or just three old dudes who have been around Nintendo for too long?  Enjoy.

Music Featured on today’s Episode:

Hotline Miami 2
OSX/Win/Linux/PS3/PS4/PSvita/Android, 2015